Akubi's Meltdown

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So KONY thing - is a Christian campaign thing. 

  • Wondered why video looked and sounded so incredibly weird (to me)We
  • Also wondered why campaign/mobilization looks like an exact/helpless copy of GAP’s (RED) campaign 

But now it’s kind of makes sense. Africa is a major battle ground for Christians (for increasing believers). 

The Guy on the Couch is asleep now, so I will say “Christians” per se suck.  Yeah, Cicero didn’t want to have anything to do with Africa, the middle east, the gauls, etc.

All I can say is Dick Cheney, George W and friends ruined my life.  Before 9/11 they didn’t give a shit about ancient buddhas being blown up…

Well, not to mention the stolen election in the first place.  I’m glad people seem to finally be waking up now.