Akubi's Meltdown

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Nothing to lose with insane umpires

For the past decade or so, it seems I’ve been continually struck out due to some insane umpire.

I’ve tried to do whatever I was supposed to do - university degree, be an “upstanding” citizen, pay taxes, work, etc. and nothing has changed.  I’m still a hamster in a Habitral  in hell – like a large majority of the population in this country (and many, many others) are, but they are too deluded to walk like an Egyptian

The only signal I get from my elders is you’re on your own with this one.

Thanks, enjoy your golf!

Anyway, I confess Obama has been a bit of a disappointment too.  I f-ing donated to his campaign early and was stupid enough to set my cynicism aside and believe in Hope and Change and the rest of the shit – God, after 8 years of W’s stolen election you’ll seek any sort of reasonably sane life-support system.

And the health care crap ended up in the hands of the greedy corporations we were already stuck with.

And most importantly he continued the Bush tax cuts for the filthy rich.

Gee fucking wiz…

The obvious reason for the deficit problem is a decade of this bullshit.

I’m disgusted to live on the same planet of these filthy rich rapists of the planet.

If one more domino falls

I’ll take my vengeance upon these shitheads.

I don’t have much t

Too tired to continue otherwise.